23 JunReal Customer Witness About Using Steroids

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Adam-weight lifter

Adam started lifting weights when he was 16, doing so without any drugs for the first two years. But then a bodybuilding boss introduced him to steroids and his previously clean-living life – he did not drink or smoke – was transformed.

“I started getting a lot bigger, working on the doors, and I was getting more attention from girls,” he says. “I liked this lifestyle. I was taking steroids for six months at a time, and not taking any breaks, taking cocaine every weekend, always with different girls. That was my life, constantly, for about three years. I don’t even know how I’m still here today.”

Adam believes anabolic steroid use is endemic among teenage boys.

Adam says the steroids changed his personality in other ways: “I had no criminal convictions. Then, in the space of about 12 months I got about 16, mainly connected to fighting. It was definitely the steroids that made me more aggressive. Your body, naturally, produces 7mg to 12mg of testosterone a day. I was putting in the region of 2,000mg to 3,000mg a week. All I wanted to do was be with different women, train and fight.

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