18 JulOral Turinabol Raw Powder For Performance Enhancement

What’s Turinabol?
Turinabol, otherwise known by its chemical name 4-chlorohydromethyltestosterone, is an anabolic steroid with anti-androgenic properties. It is a muscle-building supplement popular among athletes and fitness competitors. It was first released in Eastern Germany in 1962 by the pharmaceutical company Jenapharm, only to be discontinued in 1994.
Today, Turinabol is no longer manufactured legally, and thus available through black markets only. For decades, turinabol enjoyed a very high safety rating. It was recommended not only for men, but for women and children as well.
It was also proven through numerous clinical studies to effectively help build lean muscle and bone mass with very minimal complications. In the 1990s, however, the drug has gained attention worldwide after the so-called East German steroid scandal where athletes used it for doping.

Oral Turinabol Effects
Without question the effects of Oral Turinabol will be most valuable to the athlete and by athlete we actually mean athlete. We’re not talking about the bodybuilder or gym rat that lives like one but rather someone who competes in a competitive sport of physical skill. The use of Oral Turinabol will significantly promote muscular endurance, they won’t tire out as fast and their overall rate of recovery should be greatly improved. As the season wanes on, they should also find they have taken less of a beating and are closer to the physical peak they enjoyed at the beginning of the season. This would not occur without the anabolic protectant nature. The athlete should also find his strength is noticeably improved upon. Yes, he should be stronger, which can directly translate into physical power and speed. No, it will not create the athlete, it will not create athletic ability, affect coordination or turn a sloth into a star, but it will enhance the existing athlete within. If it wasn’t phenomenal for this purpose you can bet the East Germans wouldn’t have been using it and successfully so for nearly two decades.
In a direct physical sense, as an off-season bulking steroid Oral Turinabol is not what we’d label phenomenal. It’s not going to pack a ton of mass on anyone’s frame but it can provide some decent growth. You will definitely grow more when using Dianabol or Anadrol, and it’s not going to build mass like Deca Durabolin, but it should still be notable and clean. Remember, as it doesn’t aromatize all weight gained due to use will be lean mass. Due to its ability to reduce SHBG, this could also make the other steroids you’re taking, such as Deca Durabolin far more valuable during your off-season use.

As a cutting agent, Oral Turinabol can be a decent steroid. It’s probably a little more valuable in the cutting phase than in a true off-season cycle. The steroid will provide solid protection against lean tissue loss and a lot of users often report an increase in hardness. How much hardness will it provide? This is a tough question to answer but it’s not going to be near the level of Winstrol or Masteron and most certainly not near the level provided by Trenbolone. However, the lean tissue protection and increases in endurance and recovery can prove invaluable during this phase of training. Many find this is a great steroid to use at the frontend of a long cutting cycle and then once a little leaner to switch over to more powerful hardening agents.

Oral Turinabol Dosage For Bodybuilding
Beginner Oral turinabol doses is suggested at 20-40mg per day.Intermediate users can use 40-60mg daily.Advanced and professional bodybuilders can use 80mg per day, you’d better no more than 80mg/day, However, these more extreme doses can cause severe side effects and other androgens can be used with better gains.

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